Simple Camera

I spend a certain amount of time recharging in nature. It fuels creativity and gets the blood circulating. Recently, I decided that once or twice a weak I would only use my iphone and see what I could come up with. I am so lucky to live in an area with so many trails and parks. It’s like living in the country without the yard work!


Glamor Images and Folio Boxes

Folio BoxRecently, I’ve decided to a more visual approach to describing what I do here. The images that are created at Glamor Sessions are for you and your family to treasure and keep forever. Your family thinks so much of you and wants to keep you forever…the way they see. Your loved ones view you differently and in a way that we should all try to view ourselves….with love. These boxes contain printed and mounted images that you are able to exchange and put in a frame in your home or for your spouse to take to work. They are safely and beautifully tucked away and the box looks stunning on a book shelf. What a great way to make a collection of memories. I have more ideas for these boxes……:)

The Glam Continues

The one thing that I hope to do in some way everyday is to make a little beauty, a little happy and a little sunshine in someone’s day. Those things always come back to me when I give them out and honestly, it feels better than just about anything. The reason I love creating images is because I get to have that experience with the client while we are shooting and I think it comes through in the images. These sessions are meant to be a time of pampering and a reflection of the beauty that is within us all.

Typically, a session will involve  the client coming to the location and bringing a few wardrobe changes and we will help with discovering which outfits will photograph the best.(You may be surprised.) Then we will get your pampered and ready for your first session. These sessions typically take around an hour and a half and would be a great way to prep for your next event, girls night out or a night out with your partner. We can even do a session with your mom, best friend or if you would like to incorporate your family we can work that in ,too. Please give me a shout if you are interested and we will set up a consultation so we can discuss how you would like to be photographed.

The image here is from a recent session  with Maria and we had a great time with Tia Mazy at Amazying Styles and Reclaimed Jewels in Sinking Spring, PA. Tia, Owner and Stylist Extraordinaire, did a fantastic job and highlighting Maria’s natural beauty. If you haven’t stopped into her shop and salon I highly recommend. She uses all organic colors and will take the time to help you choose your next style.

“Real beauty knocks you little bit of kilter.” David Byrne



All you need is Faith

Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph the newest addition of the Rothenberger family, Faith. We met at the hospital and created the most precious images of Faith and her Mom and Dad.

Thank-you to the Rothenberger family for choosing me. It was a privilege.


See the Newborn section for more images.

Top 7 Spots to Stick your Brand Spankin’ New Headshot

So you went out and hired a pro(cough,,right?) and you now have some swanky new images that represent you and your brand. Here are 7  places you can put them. By using one image you will be able to create uniformity in your brand and create a natural visual connection with current and potential clients.

1. You guessed it-Facebook.

2. Linkedin-whoo-hoo. I spelled this correctly. Linkedin trips me up every single time. Linkedin is where all your other professional friends are gathering to connect, share and make business happen. They want to see YOU on this page and if they want to connect you with someone they know they do not want to see a blank picture box. It makes them wonder a little too much about who that person is.

3.  Your email signature. You know you end up emailing people that you didn’t know before and now they would be able identify you in a line up..umm.. I mean at your next networking function.

4. Your blog. What you don’t have a blog? Seriously? ..Start one. It will change your life.

5. Flickr or your other photo site. You can use this type of site to share what you’ve been up to and you can even upload those cell phone images from your most recent networking event.

6. Skype. A nice addition when you can only voice call someone. Just another personal touch to create connection in a not connected world.

7. Finally. Twitter. This makes a seamless connection between your other social media sites and twitter. It can be confusing for people that are looking to follow your feed when you do not have an image there.

Announcing Beautiful You Sessions

Have you heard yet? We have now started creating the Beautiful You sessions. These are sessions that you can include your mom, your best friend, sister, daughter or a group of girlfriends. What better way than to have a girls day out to get pampered, spend some time with your favorite gal pal’s and than out for an evening of fun? Well, getting photographed, of course. Here’s a link to more information. Happy Wednesday!!