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Nobody sees a flower really; it is so small. We haven’t time, and to see takes time-like to have a friend takes time.

~Georgia O’Keeffe



Some thoughts on creativity:

Creativity is often messy. The idea is the fun part where it’s  floating in your mind and you know what the finished product is going to be. That piece of art, photograph,hand-crocheted scarf, the batch of mouth-watering cookies, or your latest article is completed in your mind first. The perfection is wonderful! The mess that is the creative process-sometimes-not so much.


However, I was able to get some helpful and encouraging information from a recent Tammy Strobel(Rowdy Kittens) interview about the Non-Linear Process of Creativity. This is a problem that I  encounter. There is a part of me that wants to jam the project through neat and orderly steps. Forcing creativity into submission often leads me to a creative stall pattern. Nothing really gets done and I end up feeling defeated.  In her interview Tammy talks about how she was writing a book and was trying to do something similar but when she gave into the creativity it flowed much more freely. Giving in meant moving from different sections to write and it was not necessarily all in order. This happens to me too. My productivity is greatly increased when I do not force myself in some mindless drone state of being and focus on what is moving me at the time. . So today-I surrender to creativity and success.


The link to Tammy’s recent interview is here.


Why I have a dog

Sometimes this is the question that pops into my head when I am watching the giant four legged fur covered clutz that is my dog, run out of the room with a crisp white sock. Well, actually, my first question is “Where did he get that?” I  make sure that there are no Winter temptations out. However, he seems to create socks out thin air.  Then I get the second question,”Why do I have you? You are making me a little crazy.” Moments like that definitely makes me wonder who is more sane-the dog running like a lunatic with the sock or me, the crazy lady, running after him trying to make sure he doesn’t swallow it(yes, it has happened.).


So while taking some photographs of Winter (our occasional lunch time activity) it got me thinking, “Why do I have a dog?” As I looked at some of the pictures it came to me. I guess you always know the obvious reasons why you want a dog. You want a friend and a companion; someone who loves you no matter what and is faithful when the world seems to betray you. That’s the main reason I think most people want a dog or any pet for that matter.


For me the underlying reason is perhaps a little envy. Envy in a good way though. Maybe it’s more that it is the chance to observe someone so invested in their everyday existence. Dogs live in the moment fully and completely. There are no emails to send, no laundry to fold, no need to worry about finances and no one to be angry with. They forgive quickly and completely. They enable you to give of yourself, which is one of life’s greatest blessings. Dogs accept what you give them with enthusiasm that is not often given by people. Even the smallest tidbit is like winning a million dollars. It is all pure joy and exuberance on their part. These four legged pals allow us to express our best and be rewarded immediately and completely.


I have a dog for these reasons. They may be a little on the selfish side but I truly love Winter for just being himself-quirks and all. He may jump on my company and occasionally scratch my floor with his gigantic feet. It is all forgiven for allowing me to be my best, as little as that may be, for a moment each day. For when we spend time together I am complete in his eyes and we are just in the moment.

You just know

There are moments when you just know you’ve done the right thing. The time you figuratively “caught the ball” for your boss, the time you walked into the store just when they were putting up the sale signs, you call your best friend and they are already on the other end because you dialed at the exact same moment and that time ,as a photographer, when you press the shutter at the precise moment you wanted. That’s the feeling I get from photography and I hope you experience the same thing about some part of your life. It’s beautiful. The image below is one that gave me that precise feeling. This was the last shot and I knew that it was the one I wanted right then and there. That’s when life is bliss.


The Bishop

Recently, I inherited a hand painted set of chess pieces. Although, I do not really know how to play chess I thoroughly enjoy these pieces and had a great time photographing them. This guy is my favorite.